So classes have been continuing as usual. I have updated my schedule so you can see when I have all my classes. I have officially started Italian classes, which are really fun. I think I have a really good teacher because we play games and make up little skits and stuff in Italian during classes, but everyone else I talk to says their Italian lessons are really boring and they just go over verb conjugations and stuff. I’ve made a bunch of new friends in my Italian class from all over the world, including Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Spain, Japan and Canada:)

I didn’t have Chemistry today because my professor couldn’t make it to campus and my math professor was really skittish today. He started the class late then gave us a break 25 minutes later for about 15 minutes and then talked for 10 more minutes before dismissing class. I think he might have been sick or something because usually he starts class on time, gives us a very short break and keeps us until the very end of class. BTW in Italy they don’t schedule time in between classes to travel to the next class, so sometimes we have to run to our next class and if the professor goes over time, we are very late to our next class. But usually it doesn’t matter because class starting times are varied here and most professor don’t care if you are late. Also, almost everyone in my major takes the exact same classes so we are all late lol.

It has been freezing and gloomy here the past couple of days, but today it is sunny and a little warmer:) Also, my professor moved my Friday class so now I don’t have any classes Friday:) But I still Italian lessons on Saturday:( But at least I enjoy them.