So yesterday nothing new or exciting happened. I had class all day(from 8:15am to 8:15pm with a 2 hour lunch break), which was not really fun.

Today I missed my first class because I had to go to my residence permit interview, which didn’t even happen because I think a computer was broken. They didn’t speak English, so I gathered that I need to come back next week, but that’s about it. I then went to the ESN office, which is the office in charge of organizing all the cool trips around taly/Europe cheaplyu and signed up for the Tuscany trip with Brian, Elitsa, Cathy and Solene, which should be super fun:) We are going to Siena, Florence, Pisa and Lucca on the trip and for a little extra money we are ging to have a Italian lunch and bike tour of Lucca:) This is happening Oct.28-30, so I will update you after I go on how it goes:)

I have spent the rest of the day studying and reviewing class materials, as well as applying for fellowships. I am still alive and well and will most likely update tomorrow.