Sorry I haven’t written for a couple of days. Nothing new or exciting has really happened. I have been studying and relaxing all weekend. I did go to church today at San Babila, which was interesting. The mass was in Italian, but it was similar to mass in English so I could follow along. Unfortunately, I had to say all the prayers in English, which gained me some freaked out stares from the people sitting next to me in the pew, so I started whispering everything lol.

The church was absolutely gorgeous and the priests were really nice and went around saying hello to peopel before mass started, but luckily they didn’t get to me because I was in the back because I wouldn’t have been able to communicate with them. Anyways, it was a nice church and so I think I’ll go back next week. I do want to try going to mass in the Duomo at some point, which is the big cathedral that is amazingly beautiful. But I didn’t want mass to be disrupted by tourists, so I went to a smaller chruch today. Unfortunately, there were what I assumed were tourists wandering into the San Babila chruch during mass anyways. I figured they were tourists because they had cameras and bags from local shops and came and left quickly. But I guess that happens a lot in touristy parts of Italy.

Anyways, I am tired and going to bed so I drag my butt out of bed for class at 8:15 am tomorrow. So goodnight all.