Today was another humdrum day. I had two classes in the morning and was done by noon. Then I came home and ate lunch and figured out how to use the washing machine. This time it only took 3 hours to wash my clothes. And now it will probably take them about a day to dry:( Laundry is pretty much a two day process here.

I also went to the grocery store and got some food. Then I started reading a little bit from my books because the professors are kind of hard to understand and I was really tired yesterday for some reason and didn’t pay much attention in class. So I’m reading the books for review and going over the slides from class. Other than the fact that the scenery is different here, school is still school and I still have to study…blah.

I found out about language classes today. We are required to take Italian classes as part of the EAGLES program so I start Saturday at 9:15am. It kind stinks that I have classes Saturday because it cuts into my weekend, but at least it’s early so I still have the second half of Saturdays open to do fun stuff. Also I have one class Friday that the professor is trying to move so I may have fridays off, which will be nice. I also have teh language classes Mondays and Wednesdays, which is kind of intense so I am hoping I will learn Italian.

This weekend I think I am going to try to attend mass. I still have to find a church, but this won’t be a problem because, well, it’s Italy. There are almost as many churches in Milan as there are shops that sell pizza lol. Anyways, I’ll olet you know more about that if I actually go.