Yesterday I went with Chala, Elitsa, and Cathy to Torino, a city about 2 hours away from Milano. We had a great day, but it was very tiring. We left around 8am, but missed the train from Centrale to Torino at 8:15, so we went at 9am and got to Torino around 11am.

Then we found ur way to the center square and the Duomo, but we got hungry and stopped for lunch, which was really the first good pizza I’ve had in Italy lol. Then we wandered through various old buildings and took some pictures. There was some sort of festival going on with a parade and everything, so I think we went on a good day:) There were performances by local bands, Italian dances performed, and even some Native American performers. Look in the picture gallery for some photos and I will be adding a new video section shortly because I took some videos in Torino.

We then tried going to the Movie museum, but it was going to be an hour wait just to get into the museum and we all had class early Monday morning, so we decided to head back and got gelato along the way. We also did a little shopping but none of us really bought anything. When we were at the train station, we had to pay to use the bathroom, so I didn’t go. Also all the bathrooms in Torino were just a hole in the floor. I’ve never seen bathrooms like this in the US because there would probably be a riot.

We all slept on the train on the way back and that was our day in Torino. It was actually more exciting than it sounds lol, so check the pictures.

Today was pretty uneventful. I had three classes and cleaned during my breaks. I had some salad for dinner and now I am just relaxing. Anyways, I am still alive and hopefully I have more interesting stories tomorrow.