Today was a great day:) I slept in a little bit and then spent the morning relaxing. Then I went out shopping and exploring Milan with my friends Cathy and Chala. It’s really nice to have some friends that are girls here because before most of my friends were guys, which is fine, but it is so nice to be able to go shopping and have girl talk lol.

I finally found contact solution! For those of you who don’t know, I was kind of freaking out about finding it because it’s not always found in the pharmacys here. Then we got Chinese food for lunch, which was okay. Cathy is Chinese and said it was not that good, but I thought it was better than in America.

Then We went to H&M and some Italian stores and looked for clothes. After, we got cappuccinos and then went home. It was a really fun but exhausting day. Tomorrow we are planning on meeting up early in the morning to go to Turin, which is a city about 2 hours outside of Milan so I am definitely going to go to bed early tonight. I will update more tomorrow about our trip:)