So the first half week of classes is over and I have ordered most of my books and stuff that I need. Today I only had one class which was nice and then I kind of just hung around the apartment, recopied some notes into my new notebooks and relaxed.

My friend Alessandro came over to give me my first Italian lesson:) He said I did well, but I know that I still need a lot of work, but went over conjugations and a little bit of sentence structure. I had several invites to go out tonight, but I am feeling super lazy so I am chillin at home tonight and talking to people on Skype and facebook. I got to talk to Nicole via Skype and it was nice to catch up:)

Tomorrow I am going to go to the Chinese district with my friend Chala and a few other people, which should be fun. Not too much else exciting happened. I am kind of like a small celebrity here. When people find out I am American they are automatically curious about me and many want to be my friend. I guess they just want to say they have an American friend lol. They ask where in the US I am from and I say Philly and they don’t know exactly where it is, but for some reason they know New Jersey so I say it is very close, which is true.

Anyways, nothing too exciting happened today and I am finally starting to find my way around campus and to my classes. I a still alive and adjusting to life in Milan.