Sorry I didn’t write last night, I had a very busy day and I was so tired. I woke up at 6:30am to get ready for class and I had to change my sheets, which is why I got up so early. I have to bring my sheets and towels down to the building laundry room and I get all new sheets and towels for the week. It’s pretty sweet, I’m not going to lie:)

Then it was a good thing I got up so early and allowed myself some extra time because I got lost on my way to class. Luckily, the professors here are almost always late, so I didn’t miss anything. But the classes here are long(2 hours each) and they don’t allow you time to get to your next class. So my one class ended and I was late to my next one because it is scheduled to start when my other one is ending. It’s kind of stupid. Also, classes here don’t start on the hour or half hour, they start at like 8:15 or 10:15. It’s really weird. But my classes went pretty well and I met a bunch of new people(all original Spanish speakers: one from Columbia, one from Argentina, and one from Mexico). They are in all of my classes which is cool. The professors are kind of hard to understand even though they are speaking English, but I think my best option is to go to class and listen and try and pick up what I can but then study from the books lol.

Then after class I went to go see the head of the program I am in and he signed off on my study plan. Now I just need to get all my professors to sign it and turn it in to the office. On my way out the door of my dorm, I met this very nice Italian guy named Alessandro who is going to help me learn Italian! Later in the afternoon he took me around the buildng and introduced me to lots of people, which is nice because now I know most of the people who live in my dorm.

Then I had to go and take the Italian placement exam, which did not go so well. Let’s just say I am definitely going to be placed in the beginners class lol. But I am hoping between Alessandro’s help,the Italian class I will be taking, and living in Milan, I will become fluent in Italian. Also,now that I have all sorts of native Spanish speaker friends, I will hopefully be able to learn Spanish as well:)

But my day wasn’t over yet. I went with my roommate to meet up with her old flatmate and her flatmate’s friends, who were all Polish. The spoke English very well though and we went to a place where you pay 10 euros and can eat as much as you want, which is a really great deal. The food was good too! We came back around 11:30pm and then I went to bed around 12pm. I got up at 7am today and got to my 8:15am class pretty early so I could get a good seat. The professor of this class is much easier to understand and I think he is going to be one of my favs because the class seems pretty easy;)

Then I went to the supermarket because I had no food and am now writing this post. I may go and take a nap now before my 1:15pm class.