I had three classes which took up most of my day today. My first class was at 8:15am and I was so tired. Luckily the professor spoke english very well and it was a review of partial differential equations(which apparently is what the entire class is about…score!) so I enjoyed it. I have pretty much taken the class as an undergrad in the US, but the class will be a nice review. We got out a little early and I went to the supermarket and got some good food like salad bananas and kiwi:) Food is so much cheaper here. In the US when I buy good food it always ends up being between $40-60 a week plus 7-11 runs and ordering out. Here it is like 20 euros(so about $30) for the week and maybe an extra $20-30 for eating out and snacks. It’s pretty sweet.

Then I was so tired I took a nap before my next class, which was a pretty good class. But then I had advanced chemistry which is very confusing because 1) I don’t remember a lot of things from Chemistry, 2) Italy is very loud but the people speak softly, and 3) my professor doesn’t speak English well. So my plan is to buy the book and study from it.

Then I went to a meeting suggested by Laura, one of the people helping with the EAGLES program here, which was confusing and awesome at the same time. The organization is called BEST and they organize lots of trips around Europe very cheaply so I am really excited to join it. But they all spoke in Italian during the meeting so I was kind of confused. But Laura was there and helped translate and then other members and people at the meeting really wanted to practice their English so I met a bunch of new people.

Everyone here gets very excited when I say I am from the USA because not many people come here for school from the US. They all ask why I decided to come here when everyone in Europe wants to go to the US to study lol. But I told them that most people in the US want to study abroad in Europe, so I guess it works both ways. Anyways, tonight I am just relaxing. I just finished dinner and I may catch up on some of my fav American TV shows, which by the way are super popular here. Actually, that’s how many of the students learned English, from American tele. It’s so funny because I can discuss the Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother and not only does everyone know what I am talking about, they know more about the shows than I do.

Anyways, I am still alive and surviving my first half week of classes:)