Hello all,
I have been having a little trouble connecting to the internet tonight. I almost forgot to write to you about my day, which wasn’t all that eventful. So here I am writing now. I am 92% sure that I have classes tomorrow so I am ging to show up and hopefully others will too. I tried to visit the program head of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, which is what I will be studying here, but he was out when I went to go see him. I will try again tomnorrow.

On the way back I decided to get gelato and tried a new flavor called Violetta. It tasted like what I imagine violets taste like and was very good, but I have never actually tasted the flavor before.

I got my printer! But there was no A/B USB connector in the box so I had to buy one on amazon, so I still don’t officially have a printer. I guess that’s what you get for getting the cheapest printer out there. I also found some stuff I thought I lost or forgot on the way to Italy! Like my leggings, which is nice. Laundry here is an adventure in itself. There are no dryers, so you have to let your clothes air dry and I don’t have a drying rack lol. Also, if you put the washer on a certain setting it takes like 5 hours to wash, which I didn’t realize lol. So I did my laundry Sunday and it finally finished drying today.

I also went to get some pizza for dinner but the worker maing my pizza misunderstood me guess and I got tuna fish on my pizza. Who puts tuna fish on a pizza? Anyways it was relaly gross and made me feel sick so I went and got some Coke to settle my stomach and now I feel better. Well I am turning in early tonight so I can get up early for an 8:15am class(which hopefully actually happens) so goodnight.
As of now I am still alive and will update tomorrow.