So I talked to many of you on skype over the weekend;) I am currently preparing fellowship applications for this year(ugh) so I decided to tak a break and update you all on my day. So my roommate and I found out this morning that the residence doesn’t supply us with toilet paper:( But it is okay because I picked some up on my way home from my adventures today.

I got most of my paperwork squared away today. I went and dropped off my application for my bus pass, which, once I get it, I can ride the entire Milan metro system anytime I want for only 17 euros a month. This includes buses, subways, trains, you name it, which is super sweet. I also dropped off my residence permit papers and had a very confusing conversation with an Italian man in line. From what I gather he was waiting for his wife to finish filling out the residence permit paperwork and she moved here from possibly Spain? He was impressed that I was an engineering student and helped me when someone was trying to cut the line. But that’s about all I got out of our conversation lol.

Then I went to this really cool salad place for lunch. I haven’t been eating very much except bread and pizza because the food system here is confusing, so I was craving vegetables. This is kind of like a fast food salad place where first you choose a bag of salad and they put it in a bowl and put toppings on it for you. I got eggs and these really good onions that were in some sort of balsamic vinaigrette. It was a huge salad but I ate the whole thing because I didn’t really have breakfast. I didn’t have any plates or bowls or cutlery so I went out and got them today.

After I got back I met up with Brian and Daniel and we went shopping on Corso Buenos Ares, which is basically like Chestnut Street shopping in Philadelphia. Some of it is very expensive but there are some cheap stores. I actually got my plates and stuff at a hardware store, so they were very cheap. It was only 15 euros for two plate, 2 bowls, 2 forks, 2 knives, and 2 spoons.(I got two of everything in case it breaks or if my roommate needs some because she doesn’t have that many dishes and I was using hers for awhile. Sometimes it might be nice to eat together because she is very nice and has been here for two years so knows a lot more about the city and where to get stuff than me:)

So I have had an extremely productive day and am feeling pretty settled in here. Classes start Wednesday if I understand correctly so tomorrow is my last day of complete freedom. However, I have made some really good friends like Daniel and Brian who want to travel on the weekends but are also very money conscious like me, so we get along well. Next weekend we plan on renting a car and splitting the cost between all of us so it should only be about 25 euros and going to Geneva and some towns surrounding Milano. I will update you more when I know what were doing because our plans change all the time:)

Anyways, I am still alive:)

(Yes I did just sign my message like Gossip Girl for those of you who get the reference)