Hello all,
I am now rested from yesterday. I went to the supermarket this morning and talked to my roommate for awhile, which was nice. She seems very cool and let me borrow her bowl and spoon for cereal. I think I may need to make another trip to Ikea seeing as there are a lot of things I still need:(

Yesterday was awesome! I went to Lake Como with a bunch of friends(see the Photo Gallery page for photos or check facebook because I put a lot of pics up there too). It was so beautiful, but we were expecting there to be beaches, but there weren’t. It was still really fun. We went to the Alessandro Volta museum, which was super exciting for me and Daniel as electrical engineers because he is the inventor of the battery:) Then we kind of just wandered around Como for awhile and then took naps by the lake(Phillipe took a little longer nap than everyone else and decided to sleep while we went up the mountain). It was about 1000 meters high and we took a really cool train up the mountain where we had an awesome view of Lake Como. The we decided to go to a lighthouse which is on the very top of the mountain. We thought it was going to be easy but it was essentially a mountain climb and I was in flip flops because I thought we were going to a beach lol. Plus my knees were giving me some trouble, especially on the way back down, but the view was worth it.

Overall it was a very relaxing journey but the hike was very tiring so I slept really well last night. It is so hard to capture the beauty of everything with a photograph, but we took so many photos so you guys could see a little bit of it. Daniel has a really nice camera so he took a lot of good pictures which he will hopefully send to me.

Today I am just going to do chores like laundry and cleaning and probably skype with some people, so if you are on skype I will probably talk to you today. Anyways, I am still alive and I will update later.