Today was another lazy day. I went to go drop off my residence permit papers but for some reason they wouldn’t accept it at the Post Office where I picked the paperwork up. I think the lady was trying to tell me that they don’t speak English so I should go to the Loreto Post Office, but I didn’t really understand. I just understood that I have to go to the Loreto Post Office to turn in my paperwork, which actually works out better because I didn’t have everything filled out yet and someone at Poli Milano helped me fill out the rest. But now I have everything I need so I will drop the paperwork off on Monday.

Then I spent most of the day figuring a class schedule and relaxing in my room. I finally met my suitemate! She’s not Italian and speaks even less Italian than me. She is Korean and is taking her courses in English. Go figure. But she seems nice and respectful so I’m fine with it.

I met up with Brian and we checked out this cute little park near Stazione Centrale. Then we wandered back to my dorm and found the kitchen on my floor:) But we still can’t find the gym lol. I will ask the security guard at the front desk tomorrow but none of the guards really speak English so I will have to figure out how to ask in Italian. Also, my building is super strict, so any guests who don’t have a student card have to leave their passport at the front desk. Brian didn’t have one on him so the guard was nice and let him leave his driver’s license. But if you plan on visiting me, bring your passport. Also guests are not allowed to stay overnight.They have to be out by midnight and can’t come in before 8am the next day. It kind of sucks, but oh well. Oh! And also, when I leave the building I have to leave my keys at the front desk. It is kind of inconvenient, but also kind of nice because I can never lose my keys outside of the apartment;)

Another nice thing about my apartment is that the cleaning staff cleans my bathroom every day! ANd they clean the floors like once a week, so it is always very clean in here, which is so nice. After we left my building, Brian and I got some pizza, which was not that good. I think the good Italian pizza is down in Naples because this pizza tasted very much like pizza bagels lol. But then we got gelato, which totally made up for the pizza. I got pistachio, which was amazing!

So I’m not sure what I am doing tonight yet. I feel pretty exhausted from this week and will most likely just watch some Psych online, read or do some Rosetta Stone and then go to bed. But there is a party for the international students at the Bovisa campus tonight, so I may go over there. Anyways, as of now I am still alive:)