Hello again,
Today was a very lazy day for me. In the morning I went to the supermarket and got some snacks and some other stuff that I needed like laundry detergent and toothpaste and stuff. I still don’t have a suitemate, so either I didn’t get assigned one or she hasn’t arrived yet. I totally forgot to mention before that I am on the fourth floor of my building and the elevators here are tiny. They only have a four person capacity, but I would be kind of surprised if you could actually fit 4 people in the elevator, so I walk up and down 4 flights of stairs several times a day. It’s kind of nice because I still haven’t found the gymj even though I know it is in my dormitory.

Everything seems to be smaller here, which is kind of nice. When you order a meal it is a regular size…not 5 servings like in the US. But some things, like pizza, are hard to find by the slice so you have to buy the whole thing and either share it or bring it home.

So after the supermarket, I went to meet Brian in the Stazione Centrale to get our student metro passes, which are only 17 euros a month and we have unlimited use of the metro, buses, and really all public transportation in the city. Unfortunately, I forgot my Codice Fiscale, so I just got the paperwork I need to fill out and will go tomorrow to get my pass. I also have to drop off the paperwork for my residence permit tomorrow which shouldn’t take too long.

Then the rest of the afternoon, Brian and I hung out mostly at his apartment. We went to a little cafe and got soeme expresso and little pastries. I got a small chocolate chip cannoli with grated pistacchio on the ends. It was very good:) Then I went home and got my internet set up, ate a little dinner and now I am writing this blog.

So not too much else happened today. I am still alive and well and enjoying Milano!