It is my third day in Milano and I got a lot accomplished. I went and got my Codice Fiscale today and didn’t get lost! This is new for me because every time I walk out of my dormitory I turn the wrong way and get lost. The streets are super confusing because it is set up like a spiderweb. I found an adapter for both of my computers and I got a power strip that actually works! I also picked up the kit I need to fill out to get my residence permit which I filled out tonight and will probably return tomorrow. Italians love paperwork for some reason…and fizzy water. L’acqua fizzante is cheaper and easier to get in Milano for some reason.

Then I met up with Brian and his roommate Daniel, who I actually met yesterday on my Ikea adventure. We were supposed to go on a museum tour along with a bunch of other masters students from around the world, but the tour guide never showed up. But a bunch of other students from all over were there and we all went on an adventure to the Duomo to see the huge Cathedral there. So I made a bunch of new friends today…even one that lives in my dorm, which is nice because I haven’t met too many people here yet. Daniel took some pictures so I will hopefully be able to share them with you soon, because I(of course) forgot my camera.

I still have to get internet in my room and am writing to you from the bar area of my residence, but hopefully I will get that figured out tomorrow. I am starting to get the hang of things here and my Italian is starting to improve. At least I can get around town, but I still need a map so that I don’t have to call Brian every time I am lost.

Anyways, I had a long day and am alive but extremely tired so I am going to bed.