So Brian let me charge my computer at his place after we got back from Ikea, which is the same as in the USA and I got to practice more of my Italian, which is slowly improving. I got a comforter, a power strip(which doesn’t fit in the plugs anyways so I’ll need another adapter for that(I didn’t find an adapter today so I will be using this computer sparingly until I get one), some hangers and some snacks from the supermercato because I have been running around and don’t always have time to buy food. I haven’t had any amazing Italian food yet except for the gelato and this candy bar called Kindle Bueno(which I bought because I thought it was like a nutrirain bar lol but is actually hazelnut filling covered in chocolate yum!)

Anyways, it is late here and I have to get up to get my Codice Fiscale tomorrow so I will hopefully update tomorrow night.
I am still alive,