I am writing this e-mail on a dying computer. After closer inspection of my adapter/converter, I realized it is not safe to plug in my computer charger. Luckily my computer and charger is fine. So don’t be too worried if I don’t update for a couple days…I may be without a computer until I can get an adapter that works. There are public computers around campus so I can probably use one of them but I have so much other stuff to do I don’t know if I will be able to go and sit down just to post on this blog, but we’ll see.

I have officially enrolled and will shortly make an appointment with the head of Materials Engineering department to make my plan of study and then classes start October 5th. I am having a little trouble understanding people as my Italian is very limited, but I haven’t yet encountered any serious problems. Today I am going out to search for converters/adapters and to Ikea with Brian and his roommates, not that I really need anything except a comforter. My apartment is fully furnished:) Well anyway, I have to go write some e-mails before my computer dies.

Love you all and yes I’m still alive:)