I have made it to Italy safely and soundly after having a few hiccups along the way but nothing too major. The Frankfurt airport was very confusing because to reach my gate I had to go down 5 flights of stairs into this tunnel where only 10 people were walking which was extremely long only to have to take an elevator back up to the main level. But I made it with plenty of time and got a window seat coming into Milan which was really cool because I got to see some of Germany and Italy from the air:)

Well Brian and I didn’t find each other at the airport and I ended up taking a pretty expensive cab ride to my dorm because I had so much luggage I could barely handle it by myself. So if you go somewhere for a year, either pack lightly and buy everything over here(which is a bad idea because everything is super expensive) or bring a buddy. But my cab driver was great and brought me straight to the front door.

Unfortunately they were cleanign my room so I had to wait for about 2 hours to officially check in, but I met a nice girl from Vietnam who graduated from Poli Milano and now her brother is going here. Then I threw my stuff in my room and Brian and I explored a bit of Milano. We got some pizza but because of a misunderstanding it had tuna fish, olives and tomatos on it. Yuck! But I was so hungry I ate some. Then we traveled around and I got a phone to use here in Italy and I learned where some of the things are on this campus. Then we got Hazelnut gelato, which totally made up for the awful pizza:)

And finally I took the metro back here all by myself(and got a little lost when I got off) but I have made it back to my dorm(which is really nice…see pics below) and now I am writing this. I am tired and hot and sweaty, but I am still alive and loving Italy!

This is my closet bathroom

This is my hallway with a mini fridge for me and my roommate to share and an extra mirror:)

My room from the angle of me standing in the doorwayMy room from the angle of me standing at the window