I am writing this post as I sit at the airport three hours early for my flight. I got through check-in and airport security very easily, so let’s just hope it is that easy when I get to Frankfurt because I only have an hour to catch my next flight.

My mom helped me lug my two stuffed bags to check-in that I unpacked and repacked several hundred times to try to get the baggage within the allowed weight limit and was FINALLY successful last night with the help of my brilliant sister and mom. Sorry to everyone I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye to. I will miss you all. And sorry to everyone who had to deal with me as I stressed out about last minute details. An extra special thank you to those who went out of their way to make my trip easier: Mom, Dad, Brian, Dr.T, Dr.F, and the guy at Photomoto.

Everything has gone pretty smoothly so far, but cross your fingers that my luck continues. As of now, Mom, I am still alive.